Fostering women's financial independence through self-advocacy

Based on today‚Äôs average pay gap, American women can expect to lose an average of $430,000 over their careers, though importantly, the figure more than doubles for women of color.  The loss becomes magnified later in life, as retirement funds and Social Security benefits are predicated on earned income.  It is therefore no wonder that women over 65 are much more likely than men to be impoverished, no matter their education, race, or marital status.

Disrupt The Gap helps women develop self-advocacy with wage equality, increasing the odds of financial independence throughout their lives.

Through interactive workshops featuring experienced mentors, Disrupt The Gap empowers women with techniques to navigate critical salary junctures.  This includes guidance for conversations with recruiters and supervisors, as well as tips for calculating an equitable salary by role and market location.

The first workshop was held at the diverse Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ, an intentional choice.  Women of color and those entering the Finance & Insurance industries are disproportionately affected by the gender pay gap.